About us


SoftcomputingCyL is a company founded in 2010 by a team of people who were working in CARTIF Technology Centre, and whose origin is the development of an innovative culture. Recently, SoftcomputinCyL has focused on developing custom software, and has participated on projects for Environment Programme and Action for the Clime (LIFE) in the European Union, by performing the following tasks: Development of corporate image of companies and research groups (graphic arts), web development platforms for the dissemination of projects, and development of specific tools for storing and processing information.

SoftcomputingCyL has also an own suite of collaborative tools for enterprise (ERP) to manage the information generated in the business activity. This solution is developed using web technology and supported by virtual infrastructure based on OpenSource tools (Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL …). Finally SoftcomputingCyL designs and develops software for automation of chemical processes and optimization of calculation and testing systems.

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